"I never received so many compliments as when I wore Maria Magdalena Cosmetics"   Helen Hunt, Actress

"When I put my make up on I never expected the results I got. This is truly the best make up I ever wore.
When I want to make a star entrance, I will wear Maria Magdalena Cosmetics." 
Louise Pitrie, broadway star of Mama Mia

"Maria Magdelena Cosmetics is the only product Celeb's in Hollywood let touch their faces."   People Magazine

"Maria Magdalena, America thanks you."   
CNN - Daryn Kagan

"This cosmetic has staying power. Even after being worn on the eyelids for six hours,it hadn't creashed, hadn’t moved."   
The Ottawa Citizen

"Maria Magdalena: De Estée Lauder van de lage Landen."   
De Telegraaf

"Eerlijk is eerlijk, als je de kleuren met een kwastje op de huid aanbrengt, houdt de kleur de hele dag"   Beautiful You

"Je make-upkoffer als schatkist"   Visagie

"De magie van stenen uit een potje"   Nouveau

“SteenGOED”   Santé

Beau Monde

Mieke (Maria Magdalena Catharina) Roovers with some celebrities