Maria Magdalena Couture Cosmetics
Maria Magdalena Cosmetics

Since the earliest times and in all cultures, there have been a select few who demand the very best in life. Whether it is cars, clothes or jewelry, the best demand the best the world has to offer.
The longing for perfection bears fruit in the lives of the world’s richest and most successful people. There is no limit to what some will spend to acquire and experience the best. But in the world of personal beauty there has not, until now, been an opportunity to experience the absolute best in personal beauty products. The most beautiful women in the world do not hesitate to spend more than $10,000 for a couturier dress to wear to a party for one night. Yet they buy the most ordinary cosmetics. A woman’s body cannot be taken on and off like a dress, it must last a lifetime and deserves to be treated, not just as good as her clothes, but better.

Maria Magdalena, who is famous for her precious gemstone cosmetics and her book The Way of Beauty, is offering a very select beauty service. It is for women who believe that, when it comes to personal beauty, only the best is good enough. Like a couturier serving high fashion, Maria will design and produce a set of beauty products perfectly suited to the inner and outer needs of the most demanding woman. A woman should not be forced to buy “off the rack” beauty products any more. Now a woman can have her cosmetic, fragrance, hair and skin care products designed and custom-made to suit her body and personality.

No two women are alike, so no two women should use the same beauty product.

Maria Magdalena Couture CosmeticsMaria, who is both a therapist in Traditional Chinese Medicine and a designer of premium beauty products, begins with a personal assessment of each client. The client’s skin condition, general health, personality and needs are assessed so that a custom set of unique products can be created and then made by hand under Maria’s personal supervision.
By appointment only, the service is completely confidential. Everything can be tailored to the client - the specific ingredients, colours and fragrances. Even the packaging can be designed to suit the client’s personal style. No two clients will ever receive the same products.

MMC Cosmetics - When only the best is good enough.