Toplife Cosmetics B.V.

The story of Toplife Cosmetics B.V.

began with Sandra, a 15 year old teenager from Europe. Sandra had very sensitive skin and could not wear the makeup sold in stores. Those cosmetics contained too many preservatives, which damaged her skin.  Sandra’s father, Dr. Rudi Westerkamp, was a famous doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Europe. He decided to invent a new type of cosmetic with little or no preservatives as a present for his daughter. After much research, he invented a system of pure colour powders and clear bases. The colour powders are made from pure minerals, have no preservatives, and contain the highest quality cosmetic colour ingredients available in the world.

To make the cosmetics even healthier, Dr. Westerkamp added special ingredients used by the Empresses and aristocracy in ancient Asia. For example, he uses real fresh water pearls that are bought whole and then ground in Europe. He also uses real powdered jade mined from the Rocky Mountains in Canada.  Dr. Westerkamp personally checks that all the ingredients in Sandra’s cosmetics are as healthy as possible.

Maria Magdalena saw the incredible potential with Dr. Westerkamp’s new approach to colour makeup. Maria used her knowledge of the special needs of Hollywood celebrities to improve the system. She made it simple enough for a woman who wants quick and easy colour.  It is also sophisticated enough for the most demanding fashion model. Until now, this unique system was used exclusively in premium fashion shows and by celebrities.

Maria realized that this system gives endless colour possibilities - respecting each woman’s individual style. These cosmetics are the most precious on earth, helping each woman feel like a goddess.

Maria Magdalena Cosmetics

Maria Magdalena is proud to introduce her new line of luxurious professional cosmetics.  In development for several years, this line is now ready for the woman of the 21st century who demands quality cosmetics.

Maria has created this ultimate colour-skin care cosmetic line based on her experience with the special needs of Hollywood celebrities. This sophisticated line of colour and skin care satisfies the most demanding celebrity. Because they use cosmetics so frequently, they insist on cosmetics that do not damage the skin. 

Maria recognized that all cosmetics currently on the market contain preservatives that damage the skin.  Together with Dr. Westerkamp, who brought Traditional Chinese Medicine into The Netherlands, Maria developed a cosmetic line that is “preservative-free.” The benefits for your skin are clear.

Made from the purest minerals, gems and colour, the Maria Magdalena Professional Line harmonizes the ancient power of the Earth with the latest in high technology skin care. Never before has there been a product that shows such respect for the health and beauty of a woman’s skin.

Dr. Westerkamp has been working with Gemstone Therapy in his health clinic in Europe for many years. The use of gemstones has a long and ancient history in many parts of the world. This is the first time that the power and beauty of gemstones have been available in cosmetics.

What makes Maria Magdalena Cosmetics (MMC) exceptional?

  • Non-allergic: Contains only precious ingredients and no preservatives or other harmful ingredients.
  • Staying Power: Long lasting coverage achieved through gemstone powder and our specially developed Moon Dew Gel.
  • Unique Product: There are no competing color cosmetics with gemstones based the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Gemstone Power: They benefit, enhance and empower a woman’s skin.
  • Luxury: The only cosmetics that use diamonds, rubies and other precious gemstones in color cosmetics.
  • Purity: These cosmetic products are pure and undiluted by other ingredients, so that customers find the colors very intense.
  • Color Range: MMC products come in a very wide color range.
  • Multi-purpose: Color pigment powders have been separated from the base (Lip Balm and Moon Dew Gel), which allows the Gemstone Colour Powders to be used for multiple purposes, e.g. eye shadow, lip color, and nail color.
Maria Magdalena Cosmetics