Gem Stone Colour Powder
If you own a gem, you already know the beauty and mystery of these treasures. Formed in the heart of the Earth many millions of years ago, gems are said to possess special powers to help the person wearing them.  Taking this practice to the next level, Maria has brought the magic of gems to her fabulous new line of colour-skin care cosmetics.  Once you wear these unique colours on your skin, you will feel the power of these precious elements enhance your natural beauty.
The result is wondrous!Maria Magdalena Products

Powers of the Eight Gemstones:

  • Amethyst: Relaxes the skin
  • Rose quartz: Rejuvenates the skin & renews the cells
  • Ruby: Nourishes the skin
  • Carnelian: Revitalizes the skin & stimulates blood circulation to keep the skin vital
  • Amber: Bestows the healing power of the earth & makes the skin pleasurable and soft
  • Jade: Harmonises the skin and keeps it beautiful
  • Aquamarine: Known as the “skin care stone”, it removes all skin irritation
  • Blue Aventurine: Promotes the health of the skin
  • Diamond: Its power increases the benefits of all the other gems.

The Gemstone Colour Powders have an indefinite shelf life, because we use pure minerals.
Our colour products do not damage the skin and are healthy and nourishing.  For the first time, you can have a healthy skin-care, colour cosmetic.

Each colour is multi-functional and can be used for: eyeshadow / lip colour / eyeliner / blush / nail polish.

Moon Dew GelMoon Dew Gel
Moon Dew Gel is a very special base developed with the help of Dr. Pierre Blais,
a Canadian chemist with enormous experience in regulating health products in
North America. He has worked with the FDA in advising on the health and safety
of new products.

This gel is specially formulated to hold the colour of your gemstone powder and
foundation all day long. Moon Dew Gel is has a silky-satin feel on the skin. 
It represents a new generation in moisturizing transparent gels. These gels
are the most modern, high-tech approach to skin care available on the
market today. These gels are dermatologically secure and inert. There are
no animal or plant ingredients in this gel.

When you combine the Gemstone Colour Powders with the specially developed Moon Dew Gel, the power and benefits of the mica and gemstones in the colour powders are activated.  You will feel wonderful, knowing that you are wearing the most precious cosmetics on Earth

This gel is the base for your:
1. Eye Shadow
2. Foundation
Just apply the gel to your skin as a day cream, let it dry and apply the Moon Dust Foundation Powder and/or Gemstone Colour Powder on top of it

Moon Dust Foundation Powder Moon Dust Foundation Powder
Moon Dust Foundation Powder makes a wonderful sheer foundation and face
powder. This face powder / foundation includes diamond and imported fresh
water pearls, ground specially in our own laboratory. Pearl powder has
been used for ages by Chinese elites to benefit the beauty of their skin. 
Moon Dust Foundation Powder comes in five shades, from light to dark. 
Moon Dust Foundation Powder is very easy to apply. Your Moon Dew Gel is
the base for your foundation. Moon Dust Foundation Powder does not streak
like liquid foundation. The coverage looks especially natural on the skin.

Moon Beams  (Glitter)Moon Beams (Glitter)
Moon Beams are the result of new advances in particle technology.
These glitters are extremely brilliant and reflective, adding that special
sparkle to your skin, nails or hair.
To make a beautiful sparkle gel you can combine the Moonbeams
with Moon Dew Gel, a combination Maria Magdalena calls
“Moonlight Gel.” Use it to add glitter to your face and body.

Glossy Lip Balm
The Glossy Lip Balm is the foundation for a moisturising lipstick. The balm is easily applied to the lips together with your selected Gemstone Colour Powder or Moon Beams glitter. In this way, you can create the exact color lipstick colour you desire.