"Maria Magdalena ... the new Cosmetics Guru." USA Today

"I never received so many compliments as when I wear MMC." (Maria Magdalena Cosmetics)
Helen Hunt, Actress

"This cosmetic has staying power.
Even after being worn on the eyelids for six hours, it hadn't creased, hadn't moved."
The Ottawa Citizen

"When I put my makeup on I never expected the results I got. This is truly the best makeup I ever wore. When I want to make a star entrance, I will wear Maria Magdalena Cosmetics."
Louise Pitrie, Tony Award winner and Broadway star of Mama Mia

"It's the best cream I ever had"
Alanis Morissette

"Mieke Roovers: The Estée Lauder of the Netherlands" 
De Telegraaf

"Cosmetic with pearls and gemstones. Honestly saying, the Dutch Cosmetic producer Mieke Roovers was the first."

"Not any brand is so passionate with gemstones as MMC" (Maria Magdalena Cosmetics)             

"Maria Magdalena Cosmetics is the only product Celeb's in Hollywood let touch their faces."
People Magazine

"Maria Magdalena, America thanks you."
CNN - Daryn Kagan

"All the big stars in Hollywood try to get a hold of [MMC] ruby lipstick and pearl eyeshadow."
2 Vandaag

"Hollywood stars covet Maria Magdalena Cosmetics"
Brabants Dagblad

"Honestly speaking, if you apply the colours with an applicator to the skin, the colour stays all day!"
Beautiful You

"Your makeup bag as a treasury"

"The Dutch Maria Magdalena, a Saint in cosmetic land"

"The magic of gems out of a jar"