Mieke Maria Magdalena Roovers, President and Co-founderMieke Maria Magdalena Roovers

A graduate of both the Rotterdam Academy of Art and the Netherlands Academy for Chi Therapy, Maria combined her love of beauty with her training as a therapist in Traditional Chinese Medicine to develop a new approach to beauty products. Maria was inspired to create beauty products by her namesake, St. Maria Magdalene, who is the patron saint of perfume.

Maria Magdalena is the President of Top Life Cosmetics BV, an innovative Dutch cosmetics manufacturer. As head of this company, Maria Magdalena is producing her unique cosmetics line. These luxury beauty products combine the very best innovations available from the West with the wisdom of beauty and health from the East.

Putting her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine into practice, she teaches “stress and lifestyle management” to business executives in major corporations and to economic students at Eramus University reed more about Lifestyle management. Maria also conducts exclusive personal training on Beauty and Inner Beauty to a select group of clients.